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Fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies with an erotic massage. Massage Madame selects for you the most charming masseuse, which will fully satisfy your wishes. Only You can decide will that gentle girl or dominating Amazon.

Depending on the type of girls you get into the world of Massage Madame,which has three rooms, differing in color and energy:

The blue room is the room of the imperious queen, it will dive you into the world of absolute power, self-confidence and independence.
Red room – is room of passion, hot impressions and submission to any of your wishes.
A room of green color – like gentle and warm water will shed a soft layer of bliss on your body.


One of the oldest and most popular massages for maximum relaxation and health improvement. Erotic massage uses the benefits of massage techniques and has stunning results for Your body – improves the health and pleasure of Your soul. Massage performed by a skilled masseuse – young and beautiful girls. You will feel refreshed, full of energy, and all Your fatigue and bad mood will be eliminated. Our massage session is only an hour , but it will give You a good mood , memories and relaxation for the whole month. We are sure that with us you will be happy to return. Maybe you will want massage from two girls. You can trust us, that the therapeutic effect is increased fourfold.
We are waiting for You! ! !

Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki City. Massage is performed using a special massage gel .This gel has no contraindications, it is odorless and without color. This massage was invented in Japan and lovers of erotic massage has been extended to the whole world. Massage is carried throughout the body. Girl touches Your body, hands, chest, back, buttock and thighs. Your whole body will be permeated with a sense of sensual sexual energy of the young masseuses. As a result of this massage will be a total relaxation of Your entire body and cleansing Your thoughts. You will feel the increase in energy and positive mood.Our girls are available to You and provide You with an unforgettable experience.

The sensual massages that we offer are a selection of the best erotic massages in Prague. You will be massaged with warm massage lotion, touch your whole body, you will experience the relaxation and excitement. Massage, that experience will be unique to its concept and way of processing.The technique by which we massage originated spontaneously in accordance with the needs of the male body. This is especially true during the erotic massage of the genitals, when you gradually propagate your erogenous points and we give you the opportunity to relive the exciting climax.

In advance you need to make a telephone booking for a specific masseuse. Each of the masseuses has his methods, which are very enjoyable and exciting and will definitely make your distinctive approach not every masseuse can satisfy all, therefore you need to choose which will be best for You and will meet all your expectations in the profiles of the girls about them please refer. Once you arrive at the place, give us a call and your chosen masseuse will pick You up in front of the house, then take you to your room, where everything is ready for erotic massage. Here are comfortably settled, miss will offer You something to drink and then in more detail acquainted with the course of the massage and you can tell as you massage idea of what is pleasant and what do you wish…


The course of massage

You can start with a shared shower, where the beautiful release and prepare for the very erotic massage. Subsequently, you go back to the room where the excitement begins with candlelight and the sound of relaxing music.During the erotic massage is a girl completely naked, which perfectly complement the erotic experience.
We massage with a massage lotion, oil and Nuru gel according to the type of massage you choose. During the erotic massage masseuse enjoys not only hands, but whole body (massage body-to-body), and devotes the whole of your body and does not miss even your intimate parts. Slowly brings You to the top of bliss. Everything runs from the beginning of the discreetly. It is important to us that you will stay  satisfied.


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