What is a "Body-to-Body" massage and what is the purpose of it?
Any modern type of massage has a positive effect on the human health. But there are also techniques that, in addition to the healing effect, do bring a lot of pleasures, satisfying sensations, dizzy emotions and sexual arousal.
Body-to-body massage belongs to this category of techniques - being performed by a naked body, the massage is aimed to impact men’s erogenous zones, which causes excitation and subsequent relaxation.
For any modern person who is being bogged down with daily routine, Body-to-body massage, as any erotic massage, should be considered as a way to let go of negative emotions and maintain the overall energy balance.

Body-to-body massage technique.
The cornerstone of this type of impact on the body is the relationship between the female and male energy. Due to the correct methodology of its conduct, one can understand his body, and also learn how to control it. Body to Body massage in the Salon Masáže Madame is performed by a naked lady, that leads to any sudden movements or excessive pressure to be excluded. First, the masseuse, begins to knead all the muscles of the body. After that, she lubricates herself with oil and begins to work with the breast, abdomen and buttocks. Such affectionate touches have an extremely positive effect on the human psyche, they give a lot of emotions, strength and energy. A prerequisite for performing Body to Body massage is the use of hypoallergenic aromatic oils. Such oils contribute to a pleasant stimulation, which eliminates negative emotions and energy.

NURU massage: a sweet treat for the body.
An amazing way of relaxing massage came to us from exotic Japan, which since ancient times is famous for its subtle and passionate sensuality.
What is NURU massage?
The main secret of oriental NURU massage is a special hypoallergenic oily gel, which can repeatedly enhance sensations. It is NURU-gel that can reveal all the possibilities of the well-known erotic Body to Body massage. It is transparent and has no smell, besides it has excellent properties in order to fully experience the tactile sensations and emotions from the incredibly pleasant contact with the young body of the masseuse.
NURU, translated from Japanese, means "slippery, smooth" and contains useful nori seaweed, as well as aloe extract, which, among other things, works perfectly on the skin, making it soft and silky.
It is well-known, that even an ordinary massage relieves stress well, but its spectrum of action is still limited. Massage with NURU-gel brings total relief and amazing sensations, which completely takes away the fatigue.

Advantages of NURU massage:
1. The ladies at the Masáže Madame salon will uncover the potential of not only classical, but also erotic massage with the help of NURU-gel and their yummy forms.
2. A high-quality NURU gel is used, which has no contraindications to use, does not cause allergic reactions and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
3. New experience will allow not only to quickly and properly get rid of stress, but also to feel an unusual burst of strength and vivacity in the body.
4. Thanks to the comfortable rooms of our salon, the client will be able to fully experience the indescribable sensations of minimal distance with the masseuse.

The advantages of erotic massage.
Nowadays there are many excellent ways to relax, but according to psychological research, erotic massage is the most favorable method of relaxation. After all, the immediate power of the erotic massage affects not only the sexual sensitivity of men and women, but also adds much more practical skills, as well as potential opportunities.
Erotic adventures are bringing a lot of different programs, which will certainly suit you. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves what they would like to receive from the upcoming relaxing procedures. The advantages of erotic massage can be counted to infinity, the important thing is that guests who require a proper rest, would reach the highest point of emotional satisfaction, which takes one to constantly higher peaks.

Erotic massage and emotional state.
Any persons dreams at difficult moments in life must be necessarily brutto reality, otherwise there is a well-founded decrease in mood, which affects important current affairs. And it's no coincidence, because your condition depends on the specific mood and, of course, the amount of vital resource. Professional erotic massage is a true care for one's own emotional state, so giving away the flesh to an influence of erotic program by specialists is contributing for absolutely all spheres of mental and physical condition. Massage has not only a healing effect, but also helps to achieve harmony in thoughts.

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